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Take care of everything in one convenient place.

Our scheduling platform allows you to schedule your staff in just a few clicks. With our permissions settings you can allow your staff to add their own schedule or only allow them to render what’s already been scheduled. Once the appointment has been scheduled your staff can write their notes and obtain electronic signatures within just a few minutes!

Customization and Tags

Customize your appointment types to make it easier for your scheduling staff. Don’t have them worry about all of the different CPT codes out there. We’ll help you create appointment types based on CPT codes so your staff can schedule with ease. You can also customize the color of each appointment and search the schedule by client or staff tags.

Theralytics allows you create custom tags for your clients and staff so you can easily find them on our platform. Whether you want to tag clients who have specific behaviors or staff who have particularly skill sets, our tag feature allows you to immediately find what you’re looking for.

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ABA Therapy Scheduling

It all starts with scheduling

Billing made simple

Render your time, enter SOAP notes, collect practitioner/client signatures all in one convenient place. Export SOAP notes and signatures in the event of a payer audit in just a few clicks. Rendered appointments are automatically transferred over to the billing platform and payroll report.

Authorization management

Billable appointments are linked directly to an authorization. Theralytics allows you to see how many hours have been scheduled or rendered in an authorization. Never go over your authorized hours again!

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Let’s be realistic, working directly with clients, supervising and managing staff

doesn’t leave a lot of time for the administrative side of running your business.