By Zo Rana, M.A., BCBA

As a BCBA, previous owner of several ABA companies, and the founder of Theralytics who also loves making the most of my free time, I get the challenges you face while running your ABA practice. Picking a budget-friendly, feature-rich, and highly-recommended practice management and data collection software is key to streamlining your operations and providing the best care to your clients. So, let me share with you my somewhat biased opinion on why I believe Theralytics is the go-to solution for your practice.

  1. Affordability That Doesn’t Compromise on Quality

When I first started my ABA practice, I quickly saw that practice management software options were all over the place. Some cost an arm and a leg, while others just didn’t have the features you need. That’s why I created Theralytics as an affordable all-in-one solution that doesn’t skimp on quality. We think you should focus on delivering amazing therapy, not stressing over the expenses of running your practice. With reimbursements shrinking, staff wages going up, and inflation hitting everyone, it’s essential to pick software that’s easy on your wallet. In fact, Theralytics has never raised its price since day one. Unlike some competitors who hide their costs on their websites, we’re all about transparency. Plus, we provide month-to-month subscriptions , free customer support and onboarding, and absolutely no hidden fees (like charging for a mobile app or billing features… yeah, we don’t play that game).

  1. A Comprehensive, User-Friendly Platform

As a former BT, BCBA, and ABA business owner, I definitely understand the need for a platform that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate for staff at all levels. I’ve always aimed for simplicity, whether it’s ABA programs for clients, business processes for my staff, or creating software. Theralytics comes with an intuitive interface and loads of features like scheduling, billing, data collection, and reporting, making it super easy for you and your team to manage every aspect of your practice. Plus, it’s designed to grow with your practice, adapting to your needs as your client base expands.

  1. Stellar Reviews from ABA Professionals

We’re incredibly proud of the fantastic feedback we’ve received from our users, who rave about Theralytics for its dependability, user-friendliness, and top-notch customer support. Our dedication to constantly improving means we’re always working to make Theralytics the best it can be for your practice. We’re thrilled to be one of the highest-rated ABA practice management platforms on Capterra. To see what ABA business owners are saying, check out popular Facebook groups like this one. Just search “Theralytics” and any other practice management software you’re considering in the group search to get a better idea of what fellow BCBAs think.

  1. An Offline Mode That Keeps You Connected

I can’t emphasize enough how crucial offline mode is in your ABA therapy practice management software. Sure, some ABA apps might struggle with offline complexities, but our awesome Theralytics engineers have built encrypted and secure offline solutions, giving you the ultimate flexibility to finish session notes and data offline. With Theralytics, you can keep working smoothly even when there’s no internet, so you can stay on track and concentrate on your clients. When you’re back online, just sync your notes and data to keep your whole team in the loop.

  1. Secure and Compliant Data Management

As a BCBA who also knows a thing or two about software development, I get how important it is to protect client data from both a provider and tech standpoint. That’s why we built Theralytics with data security and compliance as top priorities. Our platform uses strong encryption and secure storage to keep your clients’ info safe, so you can focus on delivering top-notch therapy without stressing over data breaches or compliance problems. Theralytics is hosted on a server dedicated to HIPAA compliance, ensuring features like Two Factor Authentication, Encryption, Advanced Monitoring, OS Updates, System Patching, Log Monitoring, Host Intrusion Detection, Managed Firewall, IP Reputation, and Vulnerability Scans.


I truly believe Theralytics can help you run your ABA practice like a well-oiled machine, because it worked wonders for my own practice. We’re proud to be one of the only all-in-one ABA practice management and data collection software companies that’s founded and operated by a BCBA and previous owner of several ABA agencies. Our all-in-one software is budget-friendly, feature-packed, and gets rave reviews, covering everything you need for practice management and data collection. Give Theralytics a shot and find out firsthand why so many ABA providers have picked us as their must-have software for managing their practices.

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