Theralytics makes getting paid a whole lot easier.

Claims are automatically generated

You can bill daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever a staff has rendered their appointment! Claims automatically get generated into our “ready to bill” module where you can submit the claims electronically, generate a 1500 form, or mark them as submitted if you submit through a third party billing system.

Once your staff has rendered their appointment, you can submit the billing electronically to Office Ally. Theralytics will automatically post payments from Office Ally for your review. This process drastically reduces the time spent billing and then manually entering the payments one by one.

Let us handle your billing

Theralytics offers billing services that include submission of claims,  follow-up on outstanding claims, patient invoices, payment postings, and much more! You won’t pay us anything until you get paid! Let us take care of your billing and collections while you focus on delivering high quality services to your clients.

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ABA Therapy Billing

Audit logs keep you in check

Theralytics keeps a detailed audit log of every change within the system. You can quickly find out any changes that were made to billing and who within your team made the changes.

Designed to handle complex ABA billing

ABA billing can be much more complex than other types of medical billing. We have designed our billing platform to ensure it handles a variety of ABA billing scenarios such as: automatic calculation and grouping of “T” codes, customized rounding rules by payer, and ability to modify claim information such as the rendering provider/rates/units after the appointment has been rendered.

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Get paid now!

While we can’t provide consultation on how and what to bill, we can certainly guide you in setting up Theralytics according to your specifications. Contact us now and let us help you get paid!