HIPAA Compliance

Security First.

Theralytics has a “security first” approach at all times. Theralytics is hosted on HIPAA Vault which is one of the most secure and HIPAA compliant servers available on the market. Our server features: WAF protection, log retention, two factor authentication, encryption, BAA, log monitoring, host intrusion detection, Managed Firewall with Unified Threat Management, IP reputation, and vulnerability scans. Theralytics has also earned a HIPAA Seal of Compliance from the Compliancy Group.

Security in your hands

Theralytics ensures that our clients are protected by offering two factor authentication, login logs, and audit logs as standard security features. Two factor authentication helps provide users a second layer of protection when logging on. Login and audit logs provides administrators a full detailed log of who logged in, what time they logged in, and what changes they made in the application.

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Therapy Practice Management Software

Clear and Concise Benefit Management

Stay on Top of Organizational Assets

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New Staff Onboarding

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ABA HIPAA Compliance
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Let’s be realistic, working directly with clients, supervising and managing staff

doesn’t leave a lot of time for the administrative side of running your business.