Theralytics is a practice management software designed for ABA therapy companies. However, Theralytics can be used for a variety of healthcare settings (i.e., OT, Speech, Physical Therapy, and Home Nursing). Theralytics was designed by a BCBA and developed by leading Healthcare IT experts and engineers. We have a dedicated full-time team available that is not only available for support but constantly making changes and updates so our clients can have the best experience!

Theralytics helps take agencies to a more “paperless” model. We provide a robust scheduling, billing, and payroll system. Everything from scheduling an appointment to getting paid can be done without printing a piece of paper. Let our experts help make your practice more efficient and green!

Yes, Theralytics is completely secure. Our application is hosted on a HIPAA compliant server. Additionally, we have successfully passed the rigorous HIPAA audits from one of the leading HIPAA compliant servers on the market. Additional securities include: automatic log off, restricted access, encrypted password, two factor authentications, authentication and authorization for users, transmission over https, and audit and login logs.

We pride ourselves in being one of the more affordable practice management platforms available, yet still providing a solid and robust application.

We can work closely with you to determine a price that works best for you and your budget. Our platform is designed for companies of all sizes from solo practices to large corporations.

Please contact us to determine specific pricing for your needs.

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